Anthony Segal – Sandringham

Anthony Segal



Gauteng South Africa

Contact 082 348 4572

Krav Maga instructor, Anthony Segal is a long-time protégé of Jeff Miller, and has been exposed to Krav Maga training at an advanced level. Anthony takes a simple, yet powerful approach to the Krav Maga he teaches, and works at continually expanding his skill set. He has one overriding criteria for everything he teaches: practicality.

“Can anything work in a crisis?” he says. “Of course. But the role of a good Krav Maga instructor is to identify – and teach – those underlying principles of Krav Maga which offer a better chance of safety and victory in any situation.” Anthony’s experience as a security specialist means that he also gets to find out – on a very practical basis – what works and what doesn’t. “There were several things that attracted me to the IKI,” he says. “But what stood out for me was the fact that it is simple and workable. There are many systems out there that are needlessly flashy or complicated. Here, on the other hand, I found a way of thinking that really makes sense. It was immediately obvious that this is a system which is easy to learn, infinitely adaptable, and very, very effective.” Anthony’s style of teaching is personable and energetic, and his goal is to inspire every student with the understanding that, with the right mindset, anything is possible.