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In each of our Dojos we run classes that train in defences against any & many knife and gun threats and knife & physical attacks that may befall us. There are many of these defences and a great number of them have commonalities that reduce the amount of different routines that need to be learnt, remembered and applied. This is one of the aspects that put IKI Krav Maga at # 1 for the best self defence system to learn.

We train against life threatening situations where violence is present but we also train in routines that can be used in social environments (Libraries, Hospitals, Universities, Schools and other Institutions) where physical harm is not required to subdue the other person, but rather where a firm method of strong restraint is more appropriate.

We teach highly effective and sometimes disabling or even lethal techniques of self-defence and we therefore emphasize the legal aspects of our self defence system.

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We invite you to visit one of our classes near you and experience personally why IKI Krav Maga is so effective and popular.
You do not have to be fit, strong, or in shape to practice Krav Maga.

Give us FIVE MINUTES and we’ll give you practical, effective techniques that you can learn and use IMMEDIATELY. Our training is suitable for men and women of all ages.

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Alternate / Additional Training
(Dojo Members and the general Public)

* We run Anti-Hijacking Seminars where physical interaction with the attacker is avoided COMPLETELY.

* We run Anti-Hijacking Seminars where physical interaction with the attacker is unavoidable.
We run a special Rifles & Shotgun weapons disarm Seminar.

* We present very basic attack / weapons disarm Seminars.

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* We present a more advanced Ladies Self Defence Seminar. (Ladies ONLY)

* We train children in overcoming BULLYING in the schools.
(As well as training for Teachers who are being bullied by the Students)

* We run an ‘Improvised Weapon’ Course. (Baton Course)

* We run a Basic Firearms and Intermediate Firearms Training course.

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