IKI South Africa  trains you in Krav maga. 

Herman van Niekerk


Physical:The Gym C/O Royal Hotel,

Queen Street, Knysna. Postal:Postnet suite 44, Private Bag x31, Knysna. 6570


071 542 9708 Skype:hermanvanniekerk

Herman van Niekerk is a Retired South African Special Forces Colonel with a Masters degree in Business Administration. He left the military in 1999 after 27 years service and started his own company which specialized in security related training and development in South Africa and various other countries in Africa. November 2010 he joined MARITIME RISK SOLUTIONS as Director of Operations and major shareholder. MARITIME RISK SOLUTIONS is a company which protects vessels at sea against attacks from pirates and other criminals. Herman presents KRAV MAGA to groups and individuals in the area from Plettenberg Bay, Knysna, Sedgefield and George and envisages expanding to the whole Garden Route and Klein Karoo.

It is his belief that as many people as possible should invest in getting trained in KRAV MAGA as this discipline not only enables you to defend and protect yourself, it also creates a positive attitude against crime. When many people in a community feel the same way and embrace the same attitude against crime and criminals, it makes their area very unsafe for criminals to operate and as a result of this the crime rate will drop. We need to empower our community to be able to defend themselves so as to ensure that we can collectively live in peace and safety not only for our own sake, but also for the sake of our children and elderly folk. The time where we can rely on statutory organizations to prevent crime has gone, but that does not mean we have to submit to crime. The great thing of KRAV MAGA is that anyone can do it and that you need not be super fit or super strong. You can just be an average person from anywhere and any age ……. and is extremely effective once you are trained!